Once again I shot a kick boxing event at the Plattduetsche. Around 12 fights with 3 rounds each. Here are some shots from the night. I’ll post the end of round fighter-trainer corner shots later on.  If you want to see more, email me and I will send you the link to the private gallery.

Photographers note: Unfortunately lighting that night was not good at all for shooting a sport such as boxing. In fact I find that every time I shoot there the lighting is getting lower and lower.  It seems that they are using very small  low voltage lights at each corner of the ring which seems okay for the human eye but not for capturing it on camera.  You need at least a shutter of 250th or more to freeze this type of action. Since the ambient was so low that at these shutter speeds I was at ISO of 6400 which I really want to avoid as much as possible. So I was kind of forced to use flash and bounce of the walls and ceilings and try my best to make it seem that the lights were coming from the venue corner ring lights and not camera flash. I shot most of the event between f2.8 and f4 at 250th shutter speed and ISO of 4000.  I will post some images later on to show you how I shot a boxing event at a gym last month with really bad florescent low lights which were unusable and black ceilings.