I shot a one year old girl’s birthday party a few weeks ago and I decided to do something different with one of the photographs.  I am not big on creating things with Photoshop as I use it mostly for enhancing the photographs and not altering the look like you see here. But yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Photoshop and it inspired me to do what I think is a cool looking image. I saw a tutorial on this not too long ago on how to do a picture frame and make it look like it is hung on a wall in a house. If you look close, you can see some realistic looking glass reflections and a window light coming in from the right with some shadows that look like leaves from the trees outside.  This is done in about thirty-eight steps using over 30 layers.

First image is the photograph that I took at the party and the second is the framed version using  Photoshop to create it. As you can see Photoshop is impressive and a powerful tool that can be used to create some interesting and realistic looking images.