I had the pleasure of shooting another Doubledge show last night, and once again they delivered.  The show was awesome, with a lot of high energy, just like the first time I saw them a year ago. The venue was packed and ready to rock!  The show started out with an amazing intro with a guest violinist.  The whole band joined in full force, continuing to give one hundred percent throughout the whole concert, really giving their fans something special to remember. Here is one of the shots from last night. I will also include a few more later on.

Click here for more of Doubledge’s Who We Are Concert Photos.  If you do not have a facebook account you can click here to go to Doubledge’s website and look in the pictures section. Enjoy!

Photographers note: The venue had very low lighting which made a challenge to shoot. Even though my Nikon D700 is capable in shooting at high iso,  I really did not want to go over 3200 to minimize grain, but at times I really had to go as high as 6400.  Just to let you know how low the lighting was, this shot was taken at 3200 iso, f2.8 at 1/30 of a second and I had a flash fired from the left side of the stage bouncing light off the ceilings for some fill. This retained the ambient colors from the stage lights.

Here are a few more as promised.