Since we are talking about music in the last post, I am posting up some favorite music related photographs.

This was an awesome promo shoot with the guys from the band Doubledge. They are a bunch of great and talented musicians.  Their music is awesome and you can check them out at  The photo shoot was a bit difficult because of  tight space and low ceilings in this basement and there were supporting columns everywhere. It took about an hour to get the lighting just right and we got some nice photographs out of that cool looking setting.  So thank you for your patience guys. I wish them the best.

Another shot of Jason from Doubledge.

Skillet has a very energetic show and they use a lot of pyrotechnics that makes you very warm when you are so close to the stage. I thought my eyelashes would singe off! I had a great time shooting this concert.

That is it for now everyone.

I will talk to you in the New Year!