As some of you may know, my wife and I are avid motorcycle riders. We enjoy the open road and travel to places where we’ve never been. We plan some key destinations and we stop when we feel like calling it a day.  This year, we are going on our road trip and our main key area of interest is Maine.  From there we are riding north through Maine into Quebec City, Canada.  From Quebec we will be riding west to Montreal, Canada. We will head south through the Leatherstocking Region of Upstate New York where we will be visiting our dear, dear friends in Rome.  Then, we head back to Long Island.  We are planning this trip to keep us exploring new places for about 10 days.

We are leaving tomorrow and my wife and I will be posting daily pictures of our trip, so you can come along virtually and see where we find ourselves throughout the entire road adventure.

I am posting a four minute video to North Carolina from back in 2007.  It was a 2500 mile trip in ten days.  This video shows the ride through the breath taking Skyline drive in Virginia to Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.  I have about twenty hours of video that I still have not edited it yet.  Maybe one day I’ll do it.  So here is the video just to show you how we enjoy the roads of America. They don’t call it “America, the Beautiful” for nothing! I uploaded this video a long time ago and the resolution is not great, so forgive me.