The head shots was the final take of this dancer shoot. It is very important to get the shots that show the real picture of the client’s personality and confidence, because the head shot is the first thing that the casting director looks at.  This is not an easy task to get a client that is already might not be familiar with you or may not be comfortable or not know what to do around the camera. This goes for any time of photography, but more importantly in this case because a job or the first interview might be on the line if the director does not like what he or she sees in the photos.  Here are a couple of head shots that I did that I am really happy with.



After the head shots we decided to do some body shots to showcase her body physique.

At the end of the shoot, she got really comfortable around the camera, so we decided to have some fun and do some dramatic glam-our style images. She took direction well and I think she did great job as a model since she never done this before. We all head a great time shooting this two day project.

I want to thank my wife with her great assistance as always. Amanda who is an awesome makeup artist and great person to work with, and my client Yvonne who is a very talented and beautiful dancer. She did a great job as photos from this and the previous post prove.