If you were a part of the hard rock scene in the 1980s, then I bet you have heard of the band Stryper.  I grew up listening to bands like Stryper but I never had a chance to see them live.  I am glad they are still around because a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph them in concert.  All I can say is, they sounded awesome, just like they do on the their recordings. They are all great musicians and I was amazed by their performance.  I swear that singer from the band, Michael Sweet, belted out a note so high, that I thought that the glass in my camera lens was going to shatter! Great stuff! The only disappointment was  in the venue where they played.  From what I have seen, the other venues had nice sized stages with good amounts of lighting, but unfortunately this was not one of those places.  But as concert photography goes, you have to take what you can get and make the best of it.  Anyway, here are some images from the event.