A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph the first casino event at one of the S.U.N.Y colleges.  Obviously, this was not a real gambling casino but it was surely setup like a real one along with a nice food buffet.  Each student got a set amount of chips which they used to play throughout the evening.  Most of the students attended and had a great time.  They were a fun crowd who loved getting photographed which made it easier on me.  I did not have to look for subjects to photograph.  Here are some portraits and gaming that went on that night.

Chips flying.  Looks like they got a Royal Flush.

They wanted to do a Charlie’s Angels theme shot.  Who am I to say no.

Poker Face.

Looking for the ace.

This has a feel of a music band promo shot. The girls here seemed to have a good night winning while the guys came out empty-handed 🙂

Photographers Note: The casino shots are shot with an assistant who carried a softbox  in order to get a good directional light.  The ambient light was not pretty light.  I had trouble matching any of my gels to the lights that they had,  so I had to ditch the gels.  The portrait shots were setup ahead of time with a 60″ umbrella and a reflector, and they were shot with a 70-200 f2.8 lens.  The last portrait shots I setup were on the fly.  I saw this nice color wall and decided to do some shots with the assistant using the small softbox.