So another Super Bowl came and went with another party filled with smoke, drink and fatty buffalo wings. I am sure a lot of New Year’s resolutions came to a screeching halt that day.  Feelings of guilt creep in and people become convinced that this is a special occasion and vow to start again tomorrow.

The photo below is what brought me to this story and the title for this image.    A story of someone who is fighting his New Year resolution to be healthy and break his habits while the poor little dog who only wants  his master to take him out for a walk…. or could it be the dog fighting his own urges to take a bite of that delicious pizza from his master’s hand?

For this photo shoot,  Frank (below) had a bag full of props and decided to get dressed in a leisure suit so we could take some funny exercise shots and we began to build on that.

I would like to thank Jason for the lighting assistance and Frank for his awesome ideas and patience in taking direction from me to act out in front of the camera to make this shot possible.  I’ll post some more images from that shoot at a later time.