Month: June 2012

Day 10: it’s not the end, just the beginning of a different adventure

These past days have been so beautiful and surely will not be forgotten, we are headed back home to New York and we hope you all have enjoyed our blog. It’s been a blast! Please bookmark this page and keep visiting us for new updates. We have been blessed in so many ways during this…

Day 9: Montreal by day

I want to be completely transparent and confess that this morning I woke up with a scowl on my face. I was cranky and short with Arnold. I had to reflect and figure out why I was behaving this way. The reality was that I was upset because I didn’t want to leave this amazing…

Day 8: Montreal’s “evening glow”

Today we rode from Quebec to Montreal through the most serene farmlands. When we arrived in Montreal, it was late afternoon, perfect for exploring the city on foot. A beautiful city and such a great young vibe at night, lots of fun to be had in this city, pam and arnold