Month: April 2011


If you were a part of the hard rock scene in the 1980s, then I bet you have heard of the band Stryper.  I grew up listening to bands like Stryper but I never had a chance to see them live.  I am glad they are still around because a few weeks ago I had…


After Doubledge preformed a great set, Spoken came on and riled the crowd up to the point where a number of fans started to mosh.  The band has great stage presence with lots energy.    

Doubledge opens up for Spoken

Another great night with Doubledge in the Bronx.  I had a good time hanging out with them and then shooting their show. The only unfortunate thing that happened that night was that one of my memory cards became corrupt and I was only able to retrieve less than half of what I shot.  I used…