Month: February 2010

Engagement Photoshoot

It was a balmy 40 degree day out and not a single cloud in the sky.  The couple and I had a good time shooting their engagement at the park until the sunset. With all that mushy snow it was a little hard to get around but we managed and the couple didn’t complain much….

20th anniversary of Photoshop inspired me to create an image.

I shot a one year old girl’s birthday party a few weeks ago and I decided to do something different with one of the photographs.  I am not big on creating things with Photoshop as I use it mostly for enhancing the photographs and not altering the look like you see here. But yesterday was…

New Rokinon 85mm f1.4 Test Shots

I added an 85 f1.4 Rokinon lens to my kit, which I will be using in low light portrait situations. This is a manual focus lens.  I went out the next day and did some testing.  Unfortunately, it was very cold and cloudy day with flat light everywhere, no contrast in the scene could be…